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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  March 21, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> vallejo police will reveal month details of a fatal swat stand off that forces dozens to their homes yesterday afternoon between police and an armed man holed up in a house. we were over the scene as an armored police vehicle came to the house of the neighbors say the man came to the home for money and the couple who own the house have cared for him in the past but they were not home. when police arrived he ran into the house. >> police started coming in, come out with your hands up. twod ises later, evacuate the house next door and they start shooting, bam, bam, bam. we were scared. >> police evacuated the entire block. the man poked a shotgun out the window and fired. several fired back can he was found dead in the house when they went in. >> san jose police are investigating a pair of violent armed robberies last night, by
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the same suspect. the robberies happened when the suspect, believed a male juvenile demanded money from the first victim at 19 the at 9:30 and stabbed the 42-year-old victim who was taken to the hospital with a non-life-threatening wound. ten minutes later a 50-year-old man was approached by a similar robber waving a pocket knife at 22nd and san antonio. the second victim was struck in the head with an unknown object and suffered a minor injury. >> two pedestrians are recovering after a car hit them in san francisco. it happened at the intersection west portal avenue and vincenti, when a man and woman were in the crosswalk. one was critically injured. the driver stayed at the scene and police say some patchy fog may have play add role. >> an oakland audit accuses two city council member of violating
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rules, after the auditor found members illegally directed staffers to swing to a lucrative contract to turner group construction company that was for $2 million demolition project at the old oakland army base. the audit says brooks negotiated part of the contractor herself. turner construction, whose vice president has close tied to brooks and reed lost the contract when the manager stepped in and ordered a competitive bidding process. the auditor says the findings were will forwarded to the district attorney. >> president obama is starting a joint news conference right now with palestinian authority abbas on the second day of his middle east trip. this is a live picket of the podium, and abbas is speaking right now and the president will speak. president obama left israel and arrived in the west bank at 2 1/2 hours ago. the two had a working learn and will visit a youth center shortly. president obama wants to hear
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from palestinians and israelis on what it will take to restart peace negotiations. he will return to jerusalem later today for a speech to israel's college students. abc7 news reporter, katie, will have more on the trip in the next half hour. >> on capitol hill the house of representatives will vote on a short-term budget deal to avert a government shut down a week away funding every cabinet agency and earmark another $87 billion for overseas military operations. the senate approved the bill which includes $85 billion in spending cuts that could cost thousands of federal workers their jobs. >> a respected pediatrician group is weighing in on the well-being of children raised by gay parents saying a stable, parental relationship can produce healthy well adjusted children regardless of the parents' sexual orientation with the outcomes share with gay or straight parents if they are nurturing and financially and emotionally stable. they wanted to release the
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report before the supreme court considers two gay marriage cases next week. >> a local boy scout council that expel add gay team last year is now adopting new guidelines ahead of an expected change on the national winter. the boy scout counsel released results of a survey that show 81 percent want lgpt's in scouting and 55 percent want to change the ban on gays, the same troop that expelled a boy after he came out while working toward eagle scout, the highest rank. the national organization has a new nondiscrimination policy to be voted on in may. >> time for a check on the weather forecast. >> not much fog to speak of this morning. right, mike? >> few clouds but no reporting stations. here is a beautiful picture, you can see downtown toward the east bay hills where we have the clouds hugging your hills right
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now. as far as what is going on with the rain season, we put a small pinprick dent in it but we are still 6" in santa rosa and 5.5" in san francisco and san bruno and oakland and 3.5" in san jose and livermore and you can see we need more rain. we have a transition that will be breezy at times with a few clouds but a bright are day. we start off in the 40's this morning and hanging out mainly in the mid to upper 50's and in the low-to-mid 60's at 4:00, and back near the upper 50's by 7:00. looking ahead, it will be breezy tomorrow with temperatures above average and we will have high clouds and sunshine for saturday and for sunday. temperatures are running above average at the coast. we will be in mid-to-upper 50's. >> it is thursday. we have clear conditions on the golden gate bridge, two lanes for the southbound drive right now but that will be
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reconfigured to road lanes. there is road work up the waldo before the tunnel and then it is wide open. the two right lanes are blocked for road work for the time being. on the peninsula we also have road work exiting, southbound, 101 embarcardero road to shore lean for about 20 minutes and san leandro area, northbound 880, also, road work there and in oakland, northbound 880, they are repairing a guardrail there. >> 4:38. finding treasure in the one place you would not expect it. workers in a california city are in trouble for turning their dirty job into gold. >> spring break treat in the sierra, a snow fall for ski resorts in the high country. >> first, this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech byte, tivo is offering a video for connecting a second television set.
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it can do everything the big brother can do. >> you can watch live or recorded tv, search for programs, you can arrange recordings, you can watch certain channels like hulu and youtube but it costs an additional $100 and $6 monthly fee and does not work with wireless. youtube says a billion people visit each month half the people on the intent or 10 super bowl
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>> benicia, san ramon, san mateo and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good thursday morning at 4:41. a live look at the embarcardero, bay bridge and the bay. it is light right no. we will check with mike for a look at the forecast around the bay area coming up. >> more news now, people across
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the bay area and beyond have rallied major financial support for the families of two santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty. the sergeant butch baker and detective his bet butter -- butler has raised $2 million. the swat officers killed the suspect after he killed the officers. if you would like to make a donation go to abc7 news and click on "see it on tv." >> police have arrested two member and seized an arsenal of weapons. east palo alto police provided this picture of the weapons in redwood city, seven assault rifles and ten handguns and 5,000 rounds of ammunition were discovered by officers from east palo alto and they arrested two men on parole and probation violation. paroleees are not allowed to have guns. >> finders keepers may not be the best policy.
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city employees found thousands worth of gold jewelry in the city's sewer system of all places and sold it. now they are under investigation. reporter has more on that story. >> the city of modesto collects sewage from 641 mileses of sewer. who would dream that in all of those miles of sewage you would ever find anything you would actually want to put your hands on. a dealer who buys jewelry showed us some of the gold that came into the store over multiple months. >> it is all corroded. >> collected by city employees from you know where. >> from the sewer traps. they childrenned it all -- cleaned it all out. some was gold. some was not. >> the police were led to wonder why the city employees did not report the found gold do their supervisors. they said the total value of the sewer jewelry at $2,500 and will
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submit a report for possible criminal process. owner of another pawn show unrelated to the investigation showed us what $2,500 worth of gold looks like saying it is worth about $26 a gram regardless of where it has been. >> it is easy to clone. clean it up and put knit good solution and it is good as new. >> at shop that bought the sewer gold they wonder why police are making such a fuss. >> finders keepers, you know that saying. >> they should be able to keep it if they found it. no one will want it. >> regardless of where the criminal investigation winds up it does not appear the workers violated any city policy in keeping the gold. the police chief says it is time for put rules in police because obviously it is more than sewage going down the drain here. >> skiers and resort operators are thrilled with the foot of
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new snow that fell before spring break in the sierra and some took off from work with no lines on the lift, caltran advises motorist traveling to the mountains to carry chains. the snow comes at a good time, most start selling season passes for the year, tomorrow. >> much better than three weeks ago when it was only patchy snow. remember the season two years ago? skiing july 4 weekend in my gosh! >> we never have an "average" year. just a little more or a little less but two years ago it was impressive of the wish we had more snow so we were not talking about water but that is how it is. live doppler 7 hd shows the storm is identify for the entire state. well move on and talk about what is happening in your
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neighborhood, a look at embarcardero and the bay bridge. the air is cheer. everyone is 47, 48, or 49. 47 in san francisco, san mateo and redwood city and palo alto are at 48 and half moon bay is 49. if you are in oakland, 47, and 45 in walnut creek and 47 in richmond and 48 in pleasanton and 49 in union city, san jose at 48, cupertino is at 47, mountain view is at 49, and morgan hill and gilroy dress for 51 and 52 and in the north bay we have santa rosa at 43 and napa 44 and petaluma is the cool spot at 37, and novato is 41 and sausalito you check in at 50 degrees. while you sleeping, cold front moved down to the south and we have an area of high pressure moving in. here is a tight pressure grade in between the two so the winds will be faster today, and brighter and breezy but the breezes are bringing to dry air and that is why we are going to see more sunshine and why we have seen limited fog this
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morning. temperatures will run in the mid-to-upper 60's in the south bay, and today all the way into the santa clara valley around gilroy at 67 and san jose at 66. up the peninsula we are start in the mid-60's and drop to 59 in millbrae and in the mid-to-upper 50's along the coast where we will see more sunshine and the sun will -- the winds will chase the clouds away and bring sunshine. downtown, south san francisco, at 61 degrees and mid-to-upper 60's through the not bay valley but upper 50's at your beach and on the east bay shore low-to-mid 60's and east bay valleys mid-to-upper 60's and we will talk about what is going to happen tonight, cooler than this morning with upper 30's to low 40's inland valley and low-to-mid 40's around the bay and the coast. here is the accweather seven-day outlook, temperatures will drop two to six degrees with high clouds and sun throughout the weekend and temperatures at average if not warmer but for
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the coast, and you can see monday we have increasing clouds and a chance of rain on tuesday and wednesday. have a good day. sue? >> good morning, everyone, trouble on the peninsula, c.h.p. getting multiple calls of a driver driving the wrong way on 280. it is in the northbound direction, the driver is driving southbound in the northbound direction. they spotted the driver near highway 92 and south toward woodside area c.h.p. has not located them. hopefully that will be taken care shortly. very dangerous situation. south 101 waldo grade the right lanes are blocked because of woodwork but it clears up after the tunnel and hillcrest to lone tree the lanes are blocked for another ten minutes until 5:00 westbound is moving fairly well out of antioch to pittsburg. >> this morning, vice president biden and new york city bloomberg and families from new
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ton connecticut will meet. the not democrats dropped the gun control ban from the package concern that opposition would sink the whole bill. biden says he is still pushing for the ban and says the will of the people will eventually prevail. >> the u.s. government is offering up to $10 million in hopes of catching two americans who joined a terror organization in somalia. the 31-year-old, a former san diego resident, and 28-year-old from alabama are now on the f.b.i.'s most wanted terrorist list. the two men are members of the terror organization affiliated with al qaeda. one has commanded foreign fighters in somalia. the other gentleman has helped the organization recruit english-speaking young people. >> south korea has a chinese internet address was the source of a large cyber attack. hackers hit the servers of banks and broadcasting companies yesterday morning. we were telling you about that but investigators think the
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chinese computers were used to hide the true source of the attack with suspicion on north korea which has made throats again the south in recent days. >> from the harlem shake to clips of cute kittens, the huge milestone youtube has just hit thanks to many of you. >> incredible discovery at the bottom of the atlantic thanks to the c.e.o. of a major internet company. amazon's top dog is helping recover some amazing
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>> the manhunt is on for a serial bank robber in the north bay. look at this surveillance video, the f.b.i. has joined forces with santa rosa and the police in the hunt for this man called the hoodie bandit believed to be connected to three bank robberies in the first two weeks of february. >> a new milestone for bay area-based youtube, saying more than a billion people are now visiting the site each
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month. that puts youtube in the same league as facebook. people are watching everything from cute cat videos to political protests and creating their own channels. a huge audience has given the owner, google, a lucrative way to sell ads beyond the interpret search engine. >> imagine seeing 3-d pictures on your smartphone without the glasses and with the ability to adjust the picture by moving the screen. researchers at appeal-based hewlet-packard have come up with a new way to put glasses-free 3-d video on mobile devices saying the viewing angle is wide enough to let viewers bring more of the picture into view by tilting the screen up or down with findings in a scientific journal "nature." >> pretty clear this morning. it doesn't feel that cold. >> it is mild this morning. >> not so bad so far but temperatures will fall the next hour, possibly some 30's inland showing up tomorrow morning.
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possibly this morning. in the afternoon, the breezes will pick up with a few clouds from time to time, and a lot of sunshine and the temperatures are in the 60's, from 61 in san francisco, to about 68 in santa rosa today, with half moon bay cooler at 56. you can see the entire state mainly dry right now with a few sprinkles showing up around grapevine but mostly that will be over if you are headed that way, no chance of it still being there by the time you get there. 72 in los angeles, and near 90 in palm springs and upper 60's to low 70's through the central valley and hopefully you are driving south with the wind, 48 in saw he and 60 in yosemite. sue? >> hello, everyone, the situation is resolved on the peninsula, and c.h.p. arresting wrong-way driver, driving southbound 280 in the north lane. that happened, the arrest, near edgewood and everything is pushed off to farmhill boulevard. the situation is cleared. southbound 101 on the embarcardero side of things, near shoreline, the road work is
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in the lanes for a few more minutes and oak, northbound 880, a guardrail is is being worked on for a few more minutes. >> gas prices are so high, chevron and safeway are teaming up to save money at the pump rolling out a shopper reward program. if you have a safeway club card you can use rewards for 20 cents off a gallon at participating locations. for each dollar spent on purchases at safeway you get a point off gas. >> people can talk about a plan to protect more of yosemite national park by limiting where you can go part of a environmental restoring plan, to protect the landscape. if approved, it would ban horse and bicycle rentals at the hotel pool and the ice rink would be demolished and camp sites would disappear. a public meeting will be held
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this evening if san francisco from 5:00 to 8:00 at the for the mason single. >> a single mom in washington, dc, has been fired, for, get this, selling girl scout cookies on the job. tracy ran a food cart on the campus of american university and she me began selling cookies three years ago for her 12-year-old daughter and says her bosses never objected until this year. that is when her employer fired her for violating company policy with no warning. >> a strange site on a beach in chile, thousands of dead shrimp washed ashore yesterday carpeting a beach in red. local fishermen accused electric plants of dumping residue in the ocean and contaminating the water. no word from officials at the plant. hundreds of dead crabs washed up over the weekend in the same area. police are collecting evidence. >> historic find in the atlantic ocean, two enormous rocket engines that powered the apollo astronauts to the moon have been
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retrieved from the waters. they were fished from the atlantic from a dopeth of three miles. the expedition was led by amazon c.e.o. in partnership with nasa. he described the scene as an underwater wonderland. the engines are now headed to cape canavaral where they will be restored and ultimately put on display. >> next at 5:00 a.m. the people going door-to-door with news that no one wants to hear and what they are telling renters about the building theyfully and why it is a matter of life-or-death. >> all electronic tools, that is not the only change coming t
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> said 5:00 on thursday morning. thanks for joining us. >> we will get. >> check on the weather forecast. mike? >> you will like it. yesterday morning we were driving on wet roads but today we have dry conditions on live doppler 7 hd. the fog is barely out there. mostly just a few low clouds hang around some of our higher elevations like the east bay hills and along the coast. temperatures are running cool this morning and we have a few 30's out there and low-to-mid 40's. the air is much more dry and mostly sunny this afternoon. breezy, at times, too the temperature will top out in the bay in the mid 60's with the coast in the mid-50's. enjoy it. >> sue? >> at the bay bay bridge toll plaza a big rig clip add tollbooth and kept on going. we have called c.h.p. and they
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say minor damage so no need to shut down the booth for repairs. you can see light conditions into san francisco with no delays here. just road work out there and well look up and over the waldo grade before the tunnel and everything opens up with right lanes near sensor and, also, in the east bay, north 880 at davis, repairing a guardrail will be picked up shortly as well. >> a group of activistses in berkeley hope to have their concerns answered. we have abc7 news reporter, cornell bernard there. there is a rude awakening for people knowing that 100 buildings in berkeley may not withstand a major earthquake. the group of (&z) wanting tenants that the homes they live in may not


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